Holy Ground


“Take off your sandals for the place where you stand is holy ground”

                                                                                                       (Exodus 3:5)

As I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to spend some private time in worship with God, I got up from sitting in my living room and went to my room to prepare. At the same time I remembered the scripture, “Take off your sandals for the place where you stand is holy ground.” So, I took off my shoes and began to worship my Sweet Lord. He deserves the reverence of me taking off my shoes in His presence because it is holy ground!

I had been listening to worship right before I got up to go in my room so I was already feeling the Holy Spirit leading me. I felt the Holy Spirit gave me that scripture to remind me that I need to reverence God more, I need to give him more time, and more of me!

Lately, I have been thinking that God has so much more for me then what I have in mind. God wants me to go past the point that I think is the end of my destination, but I need to spend more time with Him to understand that. In His presence is where I will get the strength to push myself passed that point and I have realized I am nowhere near it. It wasn’t until now that I am able to be still in my place in ministry, be still at my job and every other area in my life, and just let Him grow me and let this season be what it is. It’s a season of learning and growing into the woman of God He has called me to be.

My Manager said something very wise to me the other day when we were talking about some college classes I have to take. He said, “Life is not a race.” Ever since then I have assessed the way I view my life. I have myself on a time schedule. I have to finish school (at this point), have a job in the career of my choice (at that point), and have an apartment of my own (by this age). I’m still trying to control certain parts of my life but I see now I can’t do that. God doesn’t work on my timing, but on His timing. And His time is perfect!

Meanwhile I need to try not to get caught up in the things of this life and remember God. I need to remember to spend time with Him in my word and in worship, and every now and then humble myself and take off my sandals.

Worship with me for a moment!


4 thoughts on “Holy Ground

  1. This spoke to me right in my season. Thank you for continuing encouraging others. Love to know we are all growing in HIM… I’m learning from you sis😘

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