Welcome to My Secret Diary.

Welcome to My Secret Diary.

Feeling like I was going to die from an emotional heart attack… He bought me back.

He paid the price so there could be no suffering in this life.

I was drowning; sinking deeper and deeper into the dark mess I created. Anchored by sin I was stuck.

Feeling like there was no one to turn to, yet people were all around me.

I was crying out before I knew how to cry out, and You heard me.

Before I knew I could come to You, You knew that I was going to come to You.

And when I finally did my heart was raw flesh hurting… mind wondering, eyes searching for something tangible.

Arms stretched out wide saying, “Lord, I have no one to turn to and there’s nothing but dark dead things around me.

“I give You my life because that’s all I have. After doing that math that’s all I came up with that could compensate for what You did for me and in me.


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