In My Bag.

This time is different. 

His temperament and sweet kisses,

 Took me to a place of relaxation and deliverance.

Physically I’m at peace.

The struggle is so real that even in me knowing this ain’t the time I keep thinking, maybe.

I’m so emotionally dramatic I confuse myself. 

I’m not stupid and I see everything but I willingly put the blindfold on.

So that the place where I like to live the most, I can run wild with my hopes and dreams. In my imagination this experience is everything.

But in reality it can kill me.

Break every piece of my heart because to be disappointed after realizing what I think isn’t always so, might take me out.

I mean I think I’m realistic, but he did ask “do you live in a dream world?” and my response was a wide-eyed yes. 

I’m frustrated because this time is different. So different I don’t foresee how it will turn out. Or do I? I don’t know.

I’m in my bag. 


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