Out of sight out of mind.  That’s how it has to be. Because if the thought of you is always there lingering I’d be a ball of tears every day.  It’s been so long it almost feels awkward but that’s a lie. I know you, and you know me and distance and time cannot change lineage.  … More BELOVED.


Some nights I can’t sleep and I can’t tell if it’s just me. Or if it’s the Holy Spirit trying to speak. In these moments I’m unsure because this one time I tried to get up and pray before. It was like 3 am I was tired and my words were slurred and after 3 … More Restless

Space ✨🌙

You want me to take you to the stars, But you haven’t even given me the moon yet. You want to know what it’s like in my world? I can tell you right now it’s different. I wouldn’t hesitate to take your mind to a place that is out of this reality and putting you … More Space ✨🌙


Your scars are beautiful.  No matter what you say.  Don’t be afraid to show them to me I want to see everything. Every moment in time that has made you who you are I wanna know about it. Your uncertain of how I will receive your scars and the stories that follow closely behind. But … More Scars.