Hope On My Sleeve.

Hope on my sleeve.

I wear my hope on my sleeve dangling there for you to see. And giving you the opportunity to tell me what I want to hear. 

I make it so easy for you to feed me all my dreams in a nice neat word package. And even though I know it’s all coming from a place that’s somehow feeding your ego, I still hope. 

I don’t wanna be an ego pleaser anymore so I’m sorry If I ever made you feel like you were too good. I’m sorry if I made you feel a little too special. I’m sorry if I agreed with your arrogant comments. I’m sorry if I made you think that I would sit and wait for you to figure out what you wanted. I’m sorry if I showed you a piece of me that scared you. And I’m sorry I can’t control the things that I say because I wear my hope on my sleeve. 

You know, sometimes I’m too honest I’ll be the first to say I love you and the first to say sorry. The last to hang up and that last piece of brownie, Yea. That’s yours. The first to give and the last to take all because I wear my hope on my sleeve.

I hoped that you wouldn’t see I’m easy to love. Always. I wouldn’t fight you. Often. I wouldn’t be petty. Most of the time. I’m soft-spoken. During a movie. And I’m not sarcastic. When you hear me the first time but I see now I need to stop wearing my hope on my sleeve where all the charmers and sweet talkers can see. 

My heart is so tired of me. Tired that It takes me so long to learn. To learn that I need to protect it more because it has been damaged by other damaged hearts and now its fragile. If it’s touched the wrong way it just might break and that’s a risk I’m unwilling to take. So how do I stop wearing my hope on my sleeve? This is not a rhetorical question. I’m open to suggestions, anyone! please. 


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