Gangsters have hearts.

When doing the right thing is somehow twisted with the wrong thing, but it came from a good place and they didn’t mean any harm or to cause any pain.
When in order to do the right thing they have to choose the lesser evil because the choices they have are so limited. They never even had lemons but somehow they got lemonade and I know better than to ask how.
When they have to provide but the resources are scares.. And the support is not there.. And there’s open hands in the air.. Waiting to be filled with whatever they bring.
When the night shift on the corner is the only place that’s hiring and they’re looking for gangsters. Motivated by the lack of bare necessities and essentials, and it’s absolutely essential that they fear nothing and hope for no change. Those make the best employees.
When they’re a product of they’re environment shaped and molded into this rock that cannot be broken. Made never to show emotion except for when their man’s dies. Any other time they’re too afraid to cry because they might not stop. I think most of them are broken. They have been dropped by love on a broken foundation and now they are damaged pieces. Who they are is wrapped up in who they are perceived to be and by this point they don’t know the difference.
Some of the most selfless stories I’ve ever heard would have been from the months of those consider to be gangsters, but they don’t get much credit. Nor do they want it. I think that’s why I like them.
Now I’m not romanticizingย this thing… or maybe I am. Either way just think it’s f***ed up.

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