Your scars are beautiful. 

No matter what you say. 

Don’t be afraid to show them to me

I want to see everything.

Every moment in time that has made you who you are

I wanna know about it.

Your uncertain of how I will receive your scars and the stories that follow closely behind.

But I’m not afraid.

I have scars of my own that I don’t want to show. 

Because for the first time I’m uncertain of if you will receive me.

Will you understand?

Will you think my scars are beautiful?

Will you still love me? Or think that you could? 

But your scars.. Are so beautiful. 

I want to gently touch them to show you that I don’t mind, they are a part of who you are and in fact I love them.

I won’t rush you because I know it’s hard,

but when you’re ready to show me all your scars. You’ll have my full attention.




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