About Me



Shamika. 27. Big City girl. Entrepreneur. Worshiper. Lover of God 

I am a dreamer by nature my head is always in the clouds but now that I have God is my life my dreams are not only dreams. They are assignments that have been placed in my heart for a reason. I am a struggling college student studying Music Management and I say struggling because it’s been my last year for the past three years! So yea. Pray for me.  I am a singer called by God to sing his praises which I love. I serve on the worship team at my church for the past seven years and it’s been a positive and at times a negative challenge. I have grown so much. I’m at the point in my life where I want to go for all the dreams that I feel God has put in my heart. As a struggle, fall in love, start a business, finish school, get my own place and just go through life. This will be one of the places where I will be able to be 100% transparent. Join me?

My blog is a reflection of my life as I walk with God allowing him to shape and guide me. A journey into the fullness of what he has for me. 🙂 ❤ #Love #Fashion #Fun #School #Work #Ministry #Family #Music



Peace and Blessing.


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