In My Bag.

This time is different.  His temperament and sweet kisses,  Took me to a place of relaxation and deliverance. Physically I’m at peace. The struggle is so real that even in me knowing this ain’t the time I keep thinking, maybe. I’m so emotionally dramatic I confuse myself.  I’m not stupid and I see everything but … More In My Bag.


When I hear the word intimacy only one image comes to mind. Skin on skin as sin intended it to be. Never thinking that I could be intimate without giving in to him. Never knowing that I should be valued for my mind, body and soul, not just wanted for what’s mine; my body under … More Intimacy

Hopeless Romantic

It’s been almost three years since I have chosen to leave my love life in the hands of God, but let me tell you I find myself surrendering that area of my life more than often. It gets hard being happy for other people and their relationships when you may be wondering when is it … More Hopeless Romantic

Holy Ground

“Take off your sandals for the place where you stand is holy ground”                                                                                                        (Exodus 3:5) As I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to spend some private time in worship with God, I got up from sitting in my living room and went to my room to prepare. At the same time I remembered the … More Holy Ground